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Friday, September 20, 2013

Handmade Paper Garland Designs by Crooked Fence Gifts

Handmade Paper Garland by Crooked Fence Gifts new for the Holidays. Garland isn't just for Christmas anymore. Nowadays we use garland for all holidays including weddings and even for our everyday decor.

Have fun with your parties and events. Even more make your personal space feel the way you want it to.Here are a few examples of new garlands that will be posted this weekend on and

Holiday garland for Christmas, Halloween or any Holdiay. These come in 10 foot sections and can be customized for your event or party.Our garland is made of card stock that is thick and will keep it's shape. Some are solid, some are double sided. The garland pieces are cut by hand and prepared for stringing on coordinating colors of hemp cord.