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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Creative ways to Display Your Jewelry

Vintage Frame Jewelry Display
Large Vintage Frame Jewelry Display
At Crooked Fence Gifts the majority of the products we sell are handmade and the majority of those are original designs. Over the last year we discovered a Frame type jewelry hanger on We try to keep up with trends, and with the invention of the computer that is so much easier these days. You used to have to go out on foot to see what everybody else was doing. I would say that half of our inventory is Handmade Jewelry. So we decided to make our own version of this "Frame Type Jewelry Hanger". We used Vintage frames of course, netting, gorgeous ribbon or chain for a hanger & beaded trim. This type of Jewelry Display is perfect for keeping your hook style earrings from being tangled or worse yet lost. If you decide to try to make this one just a note: we added felt to the entire back of the frame. It helps keep the netting in place as you glue and staple and will keep the frame from scuffing the wall where you hang it.

Vintage Chair Leg Jewelry Stand
Another fun design we made this year is our vintage chair leg jewelry display. We cut the legs off of an old chair that had good looking legs. We made a base out of other scrap wood and bored a hole into it so the leg would fit snuggly inside added some wood glue and put a screw up through the bottom. Using my dremel I drilled some holes the same size as my L hooks (Lowe's or Home Depot) which is what the jewelry would hang on. Then some sanding and paint or whatever finish you are trying to achieve. Now we are ready to put our hooks in. Keeping them close to the top of the leg for necklaces and in the middle for bracelets. We added felt to the bottom to allow it to sit on any surface. Crooked Fence is already working on another type of jewelry stand for 2011. It will be coming soon !