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Monday, October 4, 2010

Beware of Shopping at Dollar Stores !

It is easy to forget about product quality when times are tough and we all need to save money. Not always the safe way to go. I ran across a video on about the dollar stores and what is safe to buy there and what isn't. I cant believe they are just talking about this now. I noticed years ago and wanted to take it a step farther on something they didn't address.
You can visit to see the video. See more at
They talk about the products they carry that are "knock - offs" of other products. They look the same, but aren't. They are products that are made in other countries with their standards, not ours. They don't go through FDA or any other agency here in our country. The FDA found the tooth pastes to be hazardous, and this toothpaste is still for sale in some of the stores. They suggest that ANY item you might stick in your mouth or put on your body, you should not buy unless it is a name brand. This list includes: Food items, Medicines, Toothpaste, make up, creams, soap, etc.. They also noted that cleaning products that cost less at the dollar store are diluted versions of the products.
Also they mentioned Christmas lights and extension cords. Basically any electrical items. And besides you can find lights at most retail outlets on sale throughout the holiday season. Most important the UL code on products need to be on the lights themselves not just the box. And the code needs to be in a circle.
Also, batteries, they wont last, they may leak.
Lastly: Toys and dollar store jewelry: millions of items have been recalled because of  LEAD content and choking hazards. Please beware when purchasing items for your children.

My issue with the dollar store besides all of the above.

When the dollar stores came along everyone thought it was a fine idea. I have been making and selling my own products for the better part of twenty years now. As the dollar stores came out and became more and more prevalent, the craft malls and stores where you could buy handmade goods became less and less. I know that people need to save money and that it probably seems like you are getting a lot more for your money when you buy ten items for ten dollars at a dollar store and only one item for ten dollars in a shop that offers handmade goods. But, what about quality ? How long do the dollar store items really last ? Better yet, what are they made out of ? Lastly, where do they come from ?
Like it or not, the more we buy local the better our country will be. If we keep buying imported items, we wont have any local manufactures available.
With the way our economy has been going we need to buy local to keep more jobs available here. If there isn't a demand for products that are made here, there wont be companies here making them.
You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find some items available in the USA. So many companies have closed down that used to manufacture items.
I believe things come and go and this will turn around. That is why I am persistent in my business venture even in this economy.
Good luck to all the businesses out there trying to make a go of it ! And good luck to all of the people who continue to pursue making handmade goods.