Crooked Fence Gifts

Crooked Fence Gifts focuses on new trends in Jewelry, Home decor, Wedding, One of A kind Vintage & Holiday decor. We strive to create gifts from our own designs and to use Vintage and USA Items as often as possible.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Just finishing up (as if ever...) Christmas designs for this year. If you are a designer then you already know this, but if you like to design, there is no way you could ever design all of the ideas that you have. But you sure give it a try...
Crooked Fence Gifts has really begun to define just who we are. We strive to simplify our lines of products and keep up with current and new trends.
As we head towards 2014 we are keeping an eye on local and USA products to improve our product lines.
Happy Holidays and enjoy these handmade and up-cycled stocking stuffers.

These and more items will be on our Etsy shop soon ! Happy Holidays !