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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer is the perfect time for celebrations. One of the newest items in my store is Memo/Menu/Place Card Holders ! I love all the creative ideas I see online for wedding parties and baby showers.
Place Card/Memo holders are one of the easiest ways to add a little organization to your table. If you put a card with a guests name on it in a certain area, they will more than likely sit there. Well you can use these awesome holders for all kinds of things. For weddings you can use them to number your tables, to make a sign for each area, menu, etc. For dinner parties you can have fun with decorative tags which of course can be made to be a favor to take home. The sky is the limit !

The design you see here will be available on my etsy later today. I will be adding different sizes and different kinds of  Place Card/Menu holders later in the week. This is just the beginning of this line. There will also be a selection of cards, some simple, some very decorative. And also a mixed card collection for the hostess with the mostest ! Have a great day and don't forget to shop local ! Part of every penny you spend in your town goes back to your town !