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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Do Something Special For YOUR Valentine

Something Special for Your Valentine !
The one's we love put up with all of our quirky habits and funny ways. It is important to remember to appreciate our loved ones year round. A small token or handmade gift is a great idea. I can't speak for all ladies but I think most of us would appreciate just about anything.
Then there are those of us who are harder to figure out... maybe a gift certificate or dinner ?
Well I like a personal touch and something from the heart. I made these cute little silver wire and Swarovski Siam Crystal Heart rings. I wanted to make something that was affordable for anyone and also very cute. These definitely say "I love you". Find them in my store in Enumclaw or on the website:
Do something special for the one you love even if it seems silly. Sometimes the funny personal gifts are the ones we remember most.
One year for Mother's Day my husband got me a rug (just for me) for my side of the bed so that when I got out of bed my feet wouldn't be cold ! How thoughtful is that ? He is awesome but he's taken, go find your own !
Happy Valentine's Day ! Love and be loved !